Brand Transformation

Challenging the impossible for DOK32

A new life for IT Flakes
The story

After 5 years of effort UAE’s DOK32 had given up on building a website that could reflect their product’s true performance. The company hired various designers, developers and other firms in order to build a website but nothing worked. When the firm joined Endshift its website was merely at the template stage. The founders had very low hopes of getting a quality website.

How did we do it?

We put together a dedicated team for the project. We extracted the client’s vision, transformed it into end-to-end design and functionality in the form of the website. Our team moved between 3 designers until the client was satisfied above and beyond their expectations.

The difference between us and the rest:

The website that stands today matches the quality of its product. Ultimately, the client was given more than what they thought was possible. This was a brand transformation journey only possible at endshift. We compromised on revenue and added extra efforts to deliver top-notch results.

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