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A new life for IT Flakes

A new life for IT Flakes
The story

Our professionals at Endshift helped IT Flakes with disaster recovery giving a new life to the brand. Before coming to us, they had already tried and tested various professionals in the data recovery and business continuity field from across the world. Approximately 95 clinics were impacted by the data breach at the healthcare firm.

Were we successful or what?

Disaster recovery being one of our fortes, Endshift resolved their issue in less than 6 months and recovered 95% of the data. IT Flakes continued to grow and excel without implications sooner than any tech consultant told them.

What about the long run?

Years later today, IT Flakes has been up and running, catering to hundreds of clinics across the MENA region without fail. Endshift is future-focused, all our solutions are as well.

“I have faced a close to unprecedented situation where the Server Hosting company crashed our servers, and cause a data corruption to our Database. it happens, but this happened and caused many months loss of data for too many clients. backups were damaged, and situation was as bleak as it gets.

The only thing that could help was really a commitment and a proper communication with a DB Master such like Atif. he spent a lot of time with us on this, and was very helpful and communicated what we as we went on with the recovery. he was such life saver really helped save our data and the company from going under.”

Jimmy Kim
Muhammad Hijazi
Founder/CEO of IT Flakes
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