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The story

The solar company Smartboard faced growth constraints when they came to us. Our experts enhanced their cloud infrastructure to match the desired scalability with maximum agility. Endshift enabled Smartboard to cut costs to the bare minimum.

In every way possible:

Our team streamlined their operations, enhanced their security, migrated and integrated external data seamlessly to their system and eradicated the growth bottlenecks in their domain. We were able to help them save major chunks of their AWS bills and made future deployment a piece of cake for their team.

Complex projects no one wants to take? Send them our way.

End Shift is the champion of complex projects. We helped with simplifying their challenges and enabling them seamless growth in the future. We take pride in delivering long-term solutions even when all else fails.

“I hired Atif to set up a worker server in AWS to perform long processes. Along the way he gave me some great advise and was able to tweak the RDS instance to speed up processing without increasing costs. I would classify Atif as a true expert in AWS-related services and optimization.”

Founder/CEO of Smart Board
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