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Adding value to businesses every day through edgy software design and development solutions. If we weren’t the best at it, we wouldn’t do it. We work with sincerity, period.

how we work
How We Work

endshift made possible the coming together of across-domain specialists from across the world under one label. We power sophisticated tech projects with impactful solutions to facilitate success.

Handpicked Professionals

Each project we undertake is completed by a carefully curated mosaic of the most suitable minds.


We have a huge network of the top 1% of software design and development elites who are the best at what they do.

Compassionate Demeanor

Our clients enjoy the intimacy of small businesses and the discipline of large corporations minus the red taping.

Solutions to suit your needs

We help in developing digital products from scratch, deliver cutting-edge software solutions to refine the technology, and deliver complete engineering solutions.

how we work

End To End Model

From conceptualization to delivery, we do it all. You bring us your requirements and walk away with a fully functional product.

  • No management or talent overheads
  • Suitable for large projects
  • Long-term efficacy and shared risks
  • Least input needed from you

Team Augmentation

The best talent is brought to you through a series of screening processes and careful assessment minus the hiring costs and efforts.

  • Talented professionals at your service
  • Pivot your direction as needed
  • You are in charge of the infrastructure
  • In-house goal measurement and dev ops

Hybrid Solutions

Do you already have a product in place? Need tweaks, problem-solving, scalability, or expert judgment? We offer hybrid solutions for such needs.

  • Your team and our professionals work in liaison
  • Retain the best of both teams
  • Remove barriers to your project success
  • No need for clients to create organizational structuring

Give your business the competitive edge it needs.

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